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The Hottest New Thing in Massage Therapy!


Soapstone’s have become the new go to tool for hot stone massages. Not only are they easier for the massage therapist to use but also they are smoother for a more relaxing feel on your skin. Formed slowly this metamorphic rock can hold high temperatures for a long time.  Made from talc and magnesium it is the perfect stone for its soft feeling soapy qualities and its ability to retain heat. Throughout history it has been used in carvings both statues and bowls.  Also it has been used to make smoking pipes and stoves. More recently it has been used to make countertops and floor tiles.

Modern Use

This stone is very versatile and now is being used in massage therapy. More prevalent than basalt stones and having softer feel on the skin, the industry is switching over to soapstone in huge numbers. It is non absorbent which makes it much less like to pull the oils from the skin. This allows the stone to stay much cleaner than basalt which has deep pores. It is now being used in a diversity of therapies including trigger point therapy, reflexology and myofascial release.  Also the energies of this stone are believed to help you find inner peace and create positive energy.

Soapstone’s are replacing other hot stones everywhere, and the tool made from the soapstone has a wider base which makes it easier to use in trigger point therapy. The wider base is easier on the therapists hand as it is now the right size to hold when you are using it. When you look at how much buzz this stone is generating it is easy to see why everyone is switching.  PGH Marble Stones is now producing soapstone, contact us for more information.