Sinus and facial theraputic cold stone set

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Each set comes with a left and right eye pair. A left and right cheek pair and a small medium and large nose piece

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This cold stone therapy set is designed to deliver pressure and cold to key areas of the face and sinuses.

When placed on the designed sinus areas they will chill these areas for up to 15 minutes relieving most all sinus pressure while tightening up the skin around the eyes, cheeks and forehead

Leaving your client breathing clear with skin around the face smooth and tight.

Small eye stones are included with the set as shown in the picture, They are not pictured on the model. These eye stones get placed directly on the eye lids if requested or skin tightening is needed on the eye lids.

This set can also be used as a cool face lift. Tightening all the central skin areas leaving the skin on the face tight and tone.



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