Hand And Stone

Hello! If you are a new franchise opening we would like to welcome and guide you through our very easy ordering process. If you are re-ordering please skip this step and begin shopping via the website. Upon checkout, you will create your account for future orders.

  1. Each massage room is to receive a set if 18 hot stones. A 6-quart heater, with or without burn off*, a heater mat and a temperature gauge.You must use our stone sets in the rooms, but you may provide your own heater, mat and temperature gauge from another supplier if you prefer to do so. *Frequently when you turn on your heater for the first time there is a strong odor from the metal and coatings heating up for the first time. This could be quite unpleasant in your new store. We will do this for you for an additional small fee. The burn off date will be tagged and recorded. You can select with or without burn off when you order your heater or full room set package. This task is best completed in a separate area, in advance.
  2. Each facial room is to receive one marble face set, a net bag and bowl.Some owners like to have additional face sets on hand for each room. If you want to purchase additional room face sets you will find them in our store under the “Room Sets” tab. The additional sets will include the face set and the net bag only.
  3. On the Home Page, click on the “All Room Sets” tab to begin placing your order.If you would like to order just the stone sets without the accessories recommended, you may do so in the “Stone Sets” tab. From Stone Sets tab, you can order the room hot stone sets and the facial room stone sets without the accessories.
  4. In the future, you may find you need to re-order additional stone sets, single stones or accessories. You will find all of these on our home page under there designated tab.
  5. Once you have selected an item, place it in your cart and you then can select the quantity.
  6. When you are all done, go to check out and our step by step check out process will begin.
  7. You will enter all of your information and create your account. Save your account info. This will make it simple when it comes to re-ordering if needed in the future.
  8. You can choose to pay using PayPal or credit card, we also accept amex.
  9. We do not charge tax. You are required to report your purchase on your own tax forms.

If you have any questions please contact adam@pghmarblestones.com Or call us at 412-376-5651

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