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Intro to Cold Stone Therapy

Cold Stone Therapy


Cold stones are great for any person with inflammation issues. Not only do these stones help to improve circulation they can also help with any swelling the patient might have, and you can use them anywhere you would use an ice pack. But even better with a trained masseuse, they can be used in a similar way to hot stones. Slowly rubbed on the skin to help relax muscles and improve circulation. Cold stones are quickly becoming the hottest thing on the market. Spas and manicure businesses are starting to offer this amazing technique all over the world.

The cold stones are applied to an area of inflammation and as the cold removes the heat from your body it helps to reduce the swelling. The cold also helps move new blood into that area of the body to help improve circulation. With this renewed blood flow, after the cold stone is removed, it can reduce the strain that was caused when the blood flow was impeded.

There are different kinds of cold stone therapy. The easy one is for swelling. This is where the cold stone is placed on your body after being refrigerated, and remains there for a short time. Other techniques include a therapist using a cold stone hand tool on your face. There are even techniques where you can use both cold and hot stones together.

With all the new technology that cold massage stones present us, we need to start taking advantage of its helpful properties. Cold stones provide great relief and help with inflammation. Ask you spa if they have a cold stone massage now! You can also get cold stones from the link below.

Author: Ben Snyder
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