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The Hottest New Thing in Massage Therapy!


Soapstone’s have become the new go to tool for hot stone massages. Not only are they easier for the massage therapist to use but also they are smoother for a more relaxing feel on your skin. Formed slowly this metamorphic rock can hold high temperatures for a long time.  Made from talc and magnesium it is the perfect stone for its soft feeling soapy qualities and its ability to retain heat. Throughout history it has been used in carvings both statues and bowls.  Also it has been used to make smoking pipes and stoves. More recently it has been used to make countertops and floor tiles.

Modern Use

This stone is very versatile and now is being used in massage therapy. More prevalent than basalt stones and having softer feel on the skin, the industry is switching over to soapstone in huge numbers. It is non absorbent which makes it much less like to pull the oils from the skin. This allows the stone to stay much cleaner than basalt which has deep pores. It is now being used in a diversity of therapies including trigger point therapy, reflexology and myofascial release.  Also the energies of this stone are believed to help you find inner peace and create positive energy.

Soapstone’s are replacing other hot stones everywhere, and the tool made from the soapstone has a wider base which makes it easier to use in trigger point therapy. The wider base is easier on the therapists hand as it is now the right size to hold when you are using it. When you look at how much buzz this stone is generating it is easy to see why everyone is switching.  PGH Marble Stones is now producing soapstone, contact us for more information.




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Intro to Cold Stone Therapy

Cold Stone Therapy


Cold stones are great for any person with inflammation issues. Not only do these stones help to improve circulation they can also help with any swelling the patient might have, and you can use them anywhere you would use an ice pack. But even better with a trained masseuse, they can be used in a similar way to hot stones. Slowly rubbed on the skin to help relax muscles and improve circulation. Cold stones are quickly becoming the hottest thing on the market. Spas and manicure businesses are starting to offer this amazing technique all over the world.

The cold stones are applied to an area of inflammation and as the cold removes the heat from your body it helps to reduce the swelling. The cold also helps move new blood into that area of the body to help improve circulation. With this renewed blood flow, after the cold stone is removed, it can reduce the strain that was caused when the blood flow was impeded.

There are different kinds of cold stone therapy. The easy one is for swelling. This is where the cold stone is placed on your body after being refrigerated, and remains there for a short time. Other techniques include a therapist using a cold stone hand tool on your face. There are even techniques where you can use both cold and hot stones together.

With all the new technology that cold massage stones present us, we need to start taking advantage of its helpful properties. Cold stones provide great relief and help with inflammation. Ask you spa if they have a cold stone massage now! You can also get cold stones from the link below.

Author: Ben Snyder
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The 6 Best Things about Cold Stone Massages

The 6 Best Things about Cold Stone Massages

The newest thing in massage therapy is cold stone massages. They help many clients who suffer from different types of inflammation and circulation problems. This new therapy is sweeping the nation. There are cold stone facials, specialty stones for different health conditions, even the masseuse’s best friend the Y tool comes in a cold stone style now. It is time to ask; what are the best things about cold stone massages?

1. Helps with arthritis
Any time there is pain and inflammation from arthritis it can be very painful. Especially on those cold days were your hands feel all creaky. But the Cold Stone Massage therapy can help reduce the inflammation and provide a cooling sensation which could help to reduce your pain levels.

2. Can help make your look younger
One of the hottest therapies around right now is cold stone face massage. This can help to improve the blood flow in your face. This can rejuvenate your skin and tone by removing any swelling. The cold also helps to tighten the skin.

3. Great for migraines
Are you a migraine sufferer? Then you know that feeling of needing cold on your eyes, neck and the back of your head. There is actually a cold set specifically made for migraine sufferers. The cold helps with circulation and also reduces inflammation, helping to relieve some of the pain associated with migraines.

4. Excellent for carpal tunnel
When your carpal tunnel flairs up after a long day of typing or playing games a cold stone can go a long way towards making your wrist feel better. There is a specially designed cold stone set for carpal tunnel too.

5. It helps with any swelling you might have

Everyone gets swelling. Whether it is associated with a twisted ankle or with a chronic syndrome you will need to reduce the inflammation it causes. Because cold stones are made from marble they remain cool to the touch. Putting them in fridge makes them even colder and they feel great when you need cold to relieve your pain.

6. Cold Stones are great for those hot summer days.
On those hot summer days all you want is a cool glass of lemonade. Well now there is a way to beat the heat. Have a cold stone massage. When you feel those cold stones on your back it will help you cool off instantly and keep you cool through the whole massage. The summer heat will no longer be a bother when you body is cooled by these amazing stones.
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Author: Ben Snyder
Social media manager
Pgh Marble Stones