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Stone Sets are all hand made to be of the highest quality. Only the best stones of the batch make it out of our door into your clients hands. Our stones are never treated with harsh sealers or other chemical protectants. The rounding and smoothing process of each stone is done using all natural abrasives and polishes. Due to marble being an all natural earth product, each stone is unique in its own way and may have very minor differences from other stones of its kind. We highly recommend using only our Marble stone wash to clean you marble stones.

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Basic body

2″ small round x 2

3″ medium round x 2

Deep tissue x 2

Effleurage set

2″ small round x 2

3″ medium round x 4


Facial set

Set consists of:  2, small rounds – 2, crescent eye – 2, half moon and one neck pillow – 2, Eye ovals

Marble stone wash

8oz  flip to bottle.

Spinal inflammation set

Set consists of –  2, round cylinder, 2 hand bars, 1 sacrum and 2 small extended bars,

Toe stones

Sold in sets of 4

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