3 Dimensional Theraputic Cold Stones

These new patent pending 3dimensional therapeutic cold stones are a one of a kind for the next generation of spa therapies. They are all hand made of 100% marble to follow the natural contours of the human body. They are to be used as cold stone therapy to heel the many discomforts the body may have due to inflammation. When use properly they have tremendous effects in easing these many aches and pains associated with inflammation.

As with all cold stone therapy only marble stone is most desired due to its density and unique ability to hold a very cold temperature for an extended period of time.
A less dense stone such as limestone or basalt will not hold the cold very long and will lessen the desired effects of the cold therapy itself.
A more dense stone such as granite will get much colder than desired and could result in even what’s called a “cold burn”.
Using any other natural stone for this specific type of cold stone therapy is not recommended and could result in unsatisfied clients.

The most common and recommended way to chill these stones is to let them set in ice water for at least 5 minutes.
Once chilled they can be removed from the water dried off and placed directly on the skin.
The average time to place on the desired area is around ten minutes. The more mass a stone has the longer it will stay cold on the body.
Some will even stay cold for up to 1/2 hr. Although no more than 20minutes is recommended, an extended length of time left on the body will do no harm.
All stones should be cleaned after each use using the basic stone cleaning methods for common marble massage stones.

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